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My approach is very different from your traditional chiropractor models. What sets me apart from the rest, is my unique comprehensive somatic-body balancing sessions that focuses on aligning and addressing the three key aspects of the physical body: the Lymphatic System, Somatic-Body Balancing and Movement along with Energy Flow and Nutrition. By taking our time and listening to our patient’s individual needs with honesty, compassion and a wholesome touch is essential for our overall health and well-being. Through education, a wonderful patient partnership and being an active participant in your care increases your
ability to activate an inner awareness that will enable you to prevent any reoccurrences and/or setbacks to occur in the future.
Wellness care is key to maintain the proper alignment and overall flow for all the amazing things, projects, goals, and to-do’s that we desire to accomplish on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our visits are very relaxing, traditionally an hour with the doctor one-on-one. Each visit allows you the space to focus on yourself, your body, and your own healing. Patients have described their session as relaxing, spiritual and spa like. Leaving you feeling lighter, calmer, and more physically mentally and emotionally aligned.
See what patients have shared with us.

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