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Nutrition is the basic building blocks for achieving your optimal health. There are certain fundamental for boosting your immune system, assisting removing lymphatic system stagnation, inflammation, recovering from injuries and for optimal health.

  • Multivitamin

  • B-Complex

  • Fish Oils

  • Probiotic

  • Vitamin D + Vitamin K


Energy Balancing is process of gently removing imbalances and blockages from the aura or energy field. Pranic Healing is an ancient healing therapy which focuses on the energy fields surrounding and with the human body. It is a no-touch complementary therapy utilizing the prana or vital energy as a major source of healing. This system is based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself which is very similar to a chiropractic adjustment. I utilize a blend of Pranic healing and intuitive guidance to bring about overall balance. Pranic Healing is used to provide immediate benefits to patients suffering from a wide variety of aliments. These include headaches, migraines, stress, depression, joint problems, sports injuries and more.

Pranic healing is not intended to supplant or usurp medicine. It is a complimentary therapy to assist in balancing your energy.

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